Auto Show

Volunteering Opportunities



The Lehigh Valley Auto Show is usually scheduled for March.  The show is produced by the Greater Lehigh Valley Auto Dealers Association (GLVADA), a trade organization representing franchised new auto dealers in the region.  It is conducted to showcase the automotive products sold in the region and to provide area residents with an opportunity to learn about these products in a zero-pressure environment.  IT IS NOT A SELLING SHOW.

We are one of the approximately 60 shows of this type produced around the country each year.  The show is the largest, most important product GLVADA produces for its dealers and automotive manufacturers.



Revenue generated by the auto show supports GLVADA’s Annual Charitable Grants program, contributing approximately $150,000 for area charities yearly.

The show is conducted on Lehigh University’s Goodman Athletic Campus, where Lehigh plays its football games and other athletic contests.  We utilize Stabler Arena, Rauch Fieldhouse, and construct a climate-controlled steel span tent structure.  In addition to the display of over 250 vehicles, the show also includes a Marketplace for commercial vendors, a motorcycle display, vintage car club exhibits and other auto related activities.

Set up for the show begins in early March, with the erection of our giant steel span tent and entrance area. It continues in earnest for a week. All vehicles will be loaded in the morning of the  day before the show begins. That afternoon, members of the media are invited to get a first look at the displays to generate news articles.

We hold a preview night gala for VIP guests and to act as a fundraiser for a local charity this is usually held the Wednesday before the show begins from 5:00 to 9:00 PM.



To ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for our visitors, the following is NOT permitted at the show:

  • Outside food or beverages
  • Pets, excepts for personal service dogs
  • Radios, tape decks, phone music or other audio equipment
  • Smoking in buildings or tented structures
  • Inappropriate or offensive language
  • Excessive use of cell phones
  • Food or beverage of any type in exhibit areas


Safety Requirements for Volunteers:  Since we present our annual auto show on the campus of Lehigh University, we are subject to all rules and requirements specified by them for safety purposes. We must abide by them as put forth in the contractual documentation. They affect auto show volunteers in the following ways:



Parking:  The main parking lots to the East and South of Stabler Arena are all available to volunteers and visitors.  All parking for the show is free of charge.  Please give yourself 10-15 minutes to park and walk to the show entrance.

Attire:  All volunteers will be provided with a long sleeve T-shirt with the Lehigh Valley Auto Show name and logo.  If you haven’t received your shirt prior to your first shift, a private area is provided to change.  Please wear comfortable shoes.  NO JEANS PLEASE.  Khaki colored and black pants are preferred.

Reporting for Duty:  Volunteers should arrive early to become familiar with the show and its structures.  All guests and volunteers enter the show at Goodman Hall A.  Your shirt will identify you.  If you haven’t received your shirt, please identify yourself as a volunteer and you will be directed to the Show Office.  The Show Office is located on the second floor (rear) of Stabler Arena, past the restrooms.  The office staff will greet you and assign you to the specific function and or location you volunteered for.  Depending upon the time of your shift, coffee, water, soft drinks and snacks are available.  Restrooms are also in the show office location.



Ticket Takers:  All Auto Show guests enter the show through Goodman Hall A.  Here the patrons will present their admission ticket to our volunteer greeter.  Everyone entering the show must present a ticket, either a printed ticket, a certificate received from purchases online, a complimentary ticket or a certificate issued by one of our partners.

Once the ticket has been surrendered, our volunteer host will place a wristband on the patron’s wrist.  These bands change in color each day.  The guest should be welcomed by our host and allowed to pass.  Patrons with online tickets must have them scanned to determine their authenticity.

Show Concierge: When guests first arrive, they often have questions about the show and its layout.  This could be everything from:  Where are the Buicks?  Where is the nearest restroom?  Is food service at the show?  Where do I find the Ride and Drive?

As an Auto Show Concierge, we will provide you with all the show information and 2020 Auto Show Program Books and Buyers Guides to refer to and distribute to patrons.  These are free and available to all guests.

Venue Greeters:  Since everyone should be entering the show at Goodman Hall A, each guest attempting to enter the other buildings should be wearing a wristband.  Volunteer greeters will staff the entrance to the show’s other buildings to greet each guest and ask them to show their wristband.  Failing to produce a wristband will result in the guest being directed to Goodman Hall A.

Ushers:  While there are a few seats in the shows venues, our ushers are assigned to assist our guests and monitor their movement.  Since there are millions of dollars of product at the show, NO FOOD OR BEVERAGE is allowed in any display area.  Ushers will monitor and remind guests of this as they enter the hall.  Ushers should also assist our product representatives in any way possible if asked.

Hospitality Lounge Assistants:  The show is serviced by up to 80 manufacturer representatives also identified as product specialists.  They travel from show to show to educate show visitors about a specific vehicle or set of vehicles.  The Auto Show Office maintains a hospitality lounge for those critically important people.  Volunteers are needed in this area.

Community Days Assistant:  The Auto Show presents a “Community Days at the Auto Show” program to support local non-profits.  Any local non-profit agency can partner with the show to sell show tickets to their supporters.  Admission is only for Thursday or Friday, and participating organizations make $5.00 per each ticket they sell for their programs.  In addition, these agencies are allowed to set up a display in a specific area of Stabler Arena on those days to increase public awareness, raise funds or solicit volunteers.  Volunteers are needed to coordinate this area and assist our community partners.

Market Research Assistants:  Like many large special events, the Lehigh Valley Auto Show conducts on site surveys of its patron.  This helps us determine where they come from, how they learned of the show, what did they like or dislike about the show, and how it is helping them to select their next vehicle.  The show will provide you with the surveys and complimentary Auto Show pens to give to each person who agrees to fill out a survey.  You will be instructed how to present yourself.

Visit our association page to explore the Greater Lehigh Valley Auto Dealer's Association and learn how we support our community!